Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Trouble in the Park

Mia here. Happy to say, I'm back. Not running about, jumping out of planes or anything...just...relaxing.

They did let me go with them back to the park. I don't know why I wasn't scared to. It's not like I had one of those bursts of confidence where you face your fear and overcome it or whatever. I don't know.

It was Jon, Kate, me, and Rob. Brant stayed at Rob's place again. I think he's been feeling under the weather, but he won't tell me. Anyway, we went looking for the thing that bit me again. I repeat, we had no luck. Mostly because Kate found Robert tied by the wrists between two evil-looking trees. He was gusting blood...okay, not gushing. But there was a lot of blood.

When we took him to a hospital, there were no broken bones or anything. He was just cut up a lot. Jon brought Kate and I back home; we sat and watched TV until he came back and took Kate to the hospital again.

When they finally came home, they had some...interesting news. When Rob was awake and stable, they asked him who his attackers was. And guess what his answer was? "My dad."

His dad.

Yeah, we don't understand that either. Kate says she doesn't think this is Slendy-man's work at all, and Jon just doesn't want to talk about this in general. I don't know what I think. But we all agreed we are not going back to that park. Period.



  1. "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons." Hmm. I'd go back if I were you.

  2. Steve here. Just started reading this today. Gotta say, your problems are a lot bigger than mine. Then again, pretty much everyone in the fight is facing bigger shit than I am. Worst I've been in is three preproxies thinking they're above Him and coming at me with knives.