Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel Stalked in more than one ways

It's Kate this time. I feel proud of myself. I made Brant and Mia accounts, and I made another blog, all by myself. I ought to be proud, right? Exactly.
I chose little birdies for the background, because all these Slenderblogs are way too depressing. I'm sorry if you disagree, but it's true. They just are.
I think I'm about to bitch-slap Brant across the face. He kept scolding me for texting while doing homework. I just don't get it. He's not my mother! Second, he's being such a stalker and arguing over whether or not he should "stand guard" while I sleep. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine on my own. Third, he was standing outside the shower when I came out. I think my cheeks are permanently reddened. I was lucky I remembered to put a towel over myself. The thing that freaks me out is...I have a habit of singing in the shower. LOUDLY. But who doesn't, you know?
Mia's so nice, but mean, all at the same time. She stole my chocolates (: <) but she also offered to stay with me tonight instead of Brant. But you should have seen his face. He was like, "What? Why can't I? I'm not a rapist! Mia has no physical strength! What if Kate's attacked, huh?!"
Four words: Calm. The. Hell. Down.
And now I'm being forced to bed. Gawd, you better believe I feel like a five-year-old around these people. They almost take away my phone when I text while doing homework, then give me a 10:00 bedtime. I feel special.



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  1. Heh. I feel for you. They're making me go to bed too. I've told them, I'm dropping the hell out of school. If the Problem can reach me there, where I thought was safe, then I'm not going back. Ugh. Rather just stay here with them. Good to see you've found someone to help you out, but I say, if they get too controlling...throw a hissy-fit. My death glare usually gets Jon to do what I want.

    Bleh...stupid runny nose. I hate colds...