Wednesday, June 29, 2011



aRe YOU stIlL on THe BATTLEfield Now CHilD????

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Story Continued

My last post glitched and cut off. So I'll begin where I left off, or at least close to where I left off.

So, I hadn't heard anything else about Rob from Mia or Jon ever again. Brant just...pretty much disappeared from the house. It was early morning. Mia was the one who noticed, so Jon went out looking by himself. Mia and I stayed home and tried calling...Nothing turned up. Nothing at all.
Sometime, perhaps a week from then, we started really panicking. Or at least I did. I never really gave up looking for him...even a month after he was gone. We checked the towns, the parks, and the woods where Mia was attacked.

Then Mis was killed. What was it about those woods that felt such strong hatred against my sister?! My sister, Mia, who had grown so close to me...Since the beginning, she was just like me. The only other girl. She was my sister. And she died...she died in the woods where I entered the Labyrinth. She died in the woods where Robert's father attacked him, and she died in the woods she was so terrified to go into, but she did it for Brant.
And I was still jealous.
Because I knew she liked Brant too...I could tell. I feel so bad. Sometimes I want to die because of the things I felt towards her when she talked with Brant, and watched TV alone with him. And when they talked with Jon and I wasn't aloud to hear because I was the youngest.

And Jon...I think he considers her his sister too. They all knew each other long before they knew me, so they had a special connection between them. They were all best friends. I felt lucky to be accepted by them. The Seekers. I had such great respect for them.
Jon was so sad. We both were. And we moved away from Maine. We came back to New Hampshire. He rented a hotel room just big enough for both of us, and he told me to go home. He said since the hotel was so close to my house, I could come over whenever I wanted, but I had to live with my parents again.

And that's when he stopped caring. He lost faith. Mine is so a flame that's near extinguished, but still clings on and hopes that maybe someone will blow on that it can get big again.
I still care, you see. I really do still care, but it's hard to hold on to an old memory, when they only other one who shares it has forgotten to believe. This hurts my heart, to talk this way. I should explain what happened to Danielle and I.

I wanted to kill Slenderman...Most people do. Most people who watch their sisters die and their loves go missing, surely to be killed or made into brainless proxies. But Danielle WAS a proxy, but not a brainless one. She was slowly being corrupted...and I could see it whenever I spoke to her. She was being brainwashed.
She always spoke of him and it sickened me. How could she feel such loyalty and affection towards this creature that made her what she is today?! I don't understand.
Then she started turning against me. We grew apart. We were enemies. And she hated me. And I cried. I cried so hard, because everything was turning against me, the world was falling down and making me dizzy...And I nearly had no friends left. Jon was a state of shock that still hasn't worn he lives each day staring out of the window of his little hotel room. Mia died, leaving her bloodstained legacy still in my pretty much screwed up mind. Brant was gone...most likely I'll never see him again, and if I do, it'll be when he's come out to kill me for his generous Master. And now Danielle. She hated me. Just utterly despised me for being a Fighter, a Seeker, and an Enemy of the glorious Master!!
Everything was corrupt! We fought! And I was weak! It's not a fiction book, I didn't have magical abilities that could kill a man with one blow! I didn't have a weapon. Only my dirty, useless fists. They were no good, but she didn't kill me.
Maybe it was because I wasn't worth the effort to her, or perhaps she had orders not to destroy me. But sometimes I like to think it's because when she pulled out the memories of our old friendship, she couldn't make herself dig the knife into my throat, with the faceless man standing only feet away from her. We were once sisters too, I think.
So she stood up and looked at me. No emotions. And then she spit, right on my face, and left me. And I smiled. And I cried. Danielle didn't kill me, although she should have.

I've wondered about this for a long time since then. If Slenderman had a face, would he have been angry? Frustrated? Disappointed? Indifferent? If I could ask, I would, but I'm certain he doesn't give half a shit about me any longer. I've stopped bothering with him, so I'm nothing more than a piece of dust floating by him.

I've also thought about changing that...But now it's only me. I could never change Jon's mind. I could only try, but that's already proved worthless and a waste of my time. I'm the only Seeker left in this once-was a team of three. Perhaps there are more Seekers out there, but for now I'll have to let that play out on it's own. I think I'll try to help whoever I can...And I'm never going to leave the Battlefield.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Brant...Brant. I cry just thinking about his name. It's my fault it happened. If I hadn't been so weak and unstable, it never would've happened. Brant...Brant, Brant, Brant. He never would have gone missing in the first place if I never went back to that forest. Never dragged Mia in there with me, and never got her killed. Dear Mia. Poor Mia. I miss you like hell, Mia, and I hope you can hear me when I talk to you at night.
No, we never really got to give her a proper burial. But over these past months...I've never posted in a while, have I? If anyone even checks our blog anymore...It doesn't matter. It's like my journal now, I guess. Anyway...I only updated because there's nothing left to do. Nothing to fight for anymore...But Jon insists that we continue. He also wants to forget about the Slender Man, and the proxies, but with the constant "visitors" and XX arriving at our door at two in the morning, that's easier said than done.
If anyone IS reading this, you'd probably be wondering what even went on...who's XX? What happened to...Mia...and Brant...It'll be hard for me to tell you, but what the hell? Slender doesn't give a shit since Danielle stopped caring about me, and now that Mia's dead and Brant is gone...We have nothing left to pester him about. I'm pretty sure Brant has been executed by now, anyway...
And you're also most likely wondering...where did Rob go? And what about his dad?

After we left the hospital, Rob still stabilized and in good hands, we went out for ice cream, then back home. Nothing unusual. Jon wanted to cheer me up since I was feeling a little sick...We were all wondering about what Rob had said. "My dad." What was it supposed to mean, anyway?
I'll skip a few unnecessary parts, and get to what I really have to say. XX was a corrupted Proxy that was...once...Robert's father. He wanted to overthrow Slender's state of..."leadership" and take over as..."boss". Of course, we wanted no part in his little shitty scheme, but he insisted.
Again, another time skip. Brant went missing. Can't remember when exactly, but it was some five weeks later, after we met XX. I never heard anything else about Rob from Jon or Mia000000000

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Trouble in the Park

Mia here. Happy to say, I'm back. Not running about, jumping out of planes or anything...just...relaxing.

They did let me go with them back to the park. I don't know why I wasn't scared to. It's not like I had one of those bursts of confidence where you face your fear and overcome it or whatever. I don't know.

It was Jon, Kate, me, and Rob. Brant stayed at Rob's place again. I think he's been feeling under the weather, but he won't tell me. Anyway, we went looking for the thing that bit me again. I repeat, we had no luck. Mostly because Kate found Robert tied by the wrists between two evil-looking trees. He was gusting blood...okay, not gushing. But there was a lot of blood.

When we took him to a hospital, there were no broken bones or anything. He was just cut up a lot. Jon brought Kate and I back home; we sat and watched TV until he came back and took Kate to the hospital again.

When they finally came home, they had some...interesting news. When Rob was awake and stable, they asked him who his attackers was. And guess what his answer was? "My dad."

His dad.

Yeah, we don't understand that either. Kate says she doesn't think this is Slendy-man's work at all, and Jon just doesn't want to talk about this in general. I don't know what I think. But we all agreed we are not going back to that park. Period.


Friday, February 11, 2011

The Labyrinth

So, we're assuming what I saw was the Labyrinth. We can't prove this, but it's kind of obvious...
All the other Labyrinth stories are seeing something terrifying, but mine wasn't that bad...I was scared I guess, but it wasn't guts all over the floor and dead people all around.
So, I guess I'll start from the beginning.

I don't remember anything before waking up by the pond. All I remembered was hearing Mia scream, but even when I opened my eyes, I didn't really think about that. I saw Brant in the distance, so I ran to him.
He hugged me, and I thought it was really him. We danced. We danced until it was dark out and our muscles were sore. Then we fell asleep.
The "next morning" I woke up, and Brant wasn't there. So I waited. The whole day I picked at the bark on the trees and traced pictures in the damp soil. The odd thing is, I didn't feel hungry or thirsty. At all.
I woke up again what I thought was a day later, and after about three more hours of waiting, I texted Danielle. The moment I realized something was wrong was when she told me I'd only woken up an hour ago. An hour. I didn't freak out, but I was scared.
Something wasn't right. Someone was there. Brant. He stood I-don't-know-how-many-yards away, but when I called to him, he didn't come. He pushed against the air like there was a wall or something blocking him. So I went to walk to him, and I banged into something. There it was! An invisible wall! And we got further and further apart, like he was being stretched away from me. I cried, silently.
Then I felt hands. Hands all over me, touching my face and grabbing my arms and legs. I couldn't breath. I started coughing. Then, I woke up. It was a day later, and I had warm soup by my bed.
Mia was next to me in her own bed, and there was a long bandage wrapped around her hip. It looked red, like blood was soaking through.
They told me what happened. Brant slept all night at my bed. I cried when I saw him, but I felt a lot better.

Today was okay. I'm not sick or anything, but I have a slightly stuffy nose. Probably from being in the water when it's winter...
I'm still very confused, and very very bored. All I've been doing is sitting around watching SNL and making sure Mia doesn't die in her sleep. The only exciting thing that happened was when I had to break into Rob's house because they locked me out.
I went to get a soda from a convenient store not even a block away, and they left without warning me. They went back to the park to see what bit Mia, but they obviously didn't find anything. Meanwhile, I'm climbing over the mini-roof or whatever you call it and falling through the window. Then I spend the rest of the day sitting around watching Hugh Laurie and his sexy accent.

So, hopefully something will happen soon. As long as no one gets hurt, I'm up for a little action.
I'm probably going to regret saying that...


Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Found Her

Oh damnit, we found her. We found Kate. That little bastard, we found her.

I should have gone with her. I should have went with her when Mia was attacked. I was here, guarding this goddamn shitty apartment while this was all going on. Jon should have brought me. I could have protected them.

Mia was attacked. She has bite marks all the way down her right hip. It was bleeding bad when we found her, but Rob wrapped her up. Says she'll need some rest, and a lot of fluids. She was with Kate when we lost her.

I think she was gone an hour. Close to that, at least. I tried calling her, and calling her, but she didn't pick up. I was so scared. I was crying. Then Jon yelled to us, and we pulled her out of the water. Damnit, I thought she drowned. But she breathed. God, she breathed! Kate was alive!

Now she's in her bed, right next to Mia's, and I'm sitting at the desk by her side with her laptop. She probably wouldn't mind me using it, I think. But, God, she looks so peaceful. I thought I'd lost her. Jon might have been crying, but I couldn't see his face.

We thought there might be something on her phone that would tell us what happened, but there were no messages. Either she deleted them, or something deleted them for her.

She hadn't woken up yet. Mia did once, but she could barely speak. They are both weak. I made Kate some soup, and put it on a TV tray near the side of her bed. I'll probably heat it up so it's warm when she wakes up...

I thought they were dead.

Jon and Robert are trying to find out what bit Mia. The bite marks are too far apart to be a human's, so we think it might be some sort of animal. I told them I'd be sleeping in the girls' room tonight. I don't want them to get hurt again.


Little Troublemakers

They're at it again, those little troublemakers.

Mia thinks I'm pushing Kate too hard. Am I? I just want her to get a good education, so she can get a job and support her family. I don't want her to end up like me. I'm dumb. I can't do simple math. And she struggles with that...she struggles with math. Jon helps her, but she yells at me for making her study. She's not in school anymore, so what am I supposed to do? Let her lose her knowledge?

Jon took Kate, Mia, and Robert back to the park where we saw the footprints. They weren't human, is all I can say. But they weren't from an animal either. I've never seen those before, so I guess it is a possibility it could just be something we don't know about. It's suspicious.

I gave Kate my knife to bring with her. If anything happened to that girl...I don't know what I would do. Mia and Jon have their own weapons, but Jon handles the guns. I don't know what Rob's plans are, but I trust he can take care of himself. I'm staying back at the house to make sure no one breaks in. Yes, Jon's that paranoid.

Now that Kate knows what's going on, I think she'll be okay. Jon let me know he had a little talk with her about it. She promised not to tell.

As for her parents. We've taken care of that. Don't worry, though. It's not like we've killed them or something.