Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That's not my package...

Yeah, it's not my effing package, Brant. Leave it alone!
Yeah, inside joke.
Anyway, Brant went through my stuff (>.<) while I was getting picked up by Jon, and brought to me house to pick up Brant. All the while, Mia was screeching out the lyrics to Telephone by Lady Gaga, Jon was trying not to shoot himself, and I was staring out a window.
We just left my house a couple minutes ago, and I decided I would bring my laptop with me. Jon's still stubborn about telling where we're going, so I'll just give you a hint: It's up north. No, not in Canada. It's actually not that far from where we are now.

I was planning on bringing Danielle with us, but Jon is being an a**-wipe and not letting her. But darnit, if you had just seen those texts from her during school...
I think my life has been scarred. Almost every girl on my team said Jon was hot. I just...ugh...*shutter*

But anyway, I'm handing the keyboard over to Mia. Stupid annoying asian-ness...


It's Mia! I'm too lazy log out, and log back in, and make a whole other post, so...yeah! I packed Kate a lunch today! She's so ungrateful. Jon made me breakfast and let Michael and I sleep with him. No, not WITH him. At his house. Hehe!

That's for me, I guess. Until we have something to talk about...Toodles!


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  1. Hey you people. You should let me come with you guys. I'm sure my job would not interfere with anything. Actually, I could probably do some things to make life easier for you folk. LOTS easier.

    My life at home has sucked recently. Really hard. If I don't get outa here I swear I will have to live with all the hollowed in whatever cardboard box Boss stores them in. Please Jon! I'm the anti Set back!