Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Found Her

Oh damnit, we found her. We found Kate. That little bastard, we found her.

I should have gone with her. I should have went with her when Mia was attacked. I was here, guarding this goddamn shitty apartment while this was all going on. Jon should have brought me. I could have protected them.

Mia was attacked. She has bite marks all the way down her right hip. It was bleeding bad when we found her, but Rob wrapped her up. Says she'll need some rest, and a lot of fluids. She was with Kate when we lost her.

I think she was gone an hour. Close to that, at least. I tried calling her, and calling her, but she didn't pick up. I was so scared. I was crying. Then Jon yelled to us, and we pulled her out of the water. Damnit, I thought she drowned. But she breathed. God, she breathed! Kate was alive!

Now she's in her bed, right next to Mia's, and I'm sitting at the desk by her side with her laptop. She probably wouldn't mind me using it, I think. But, God, she looks so peaceful. I thought I'd lost her. Jon might have been crying, but I couldn't see his face.

We thought there might be something on her phone that would tell us what happened, but there were no messages. Either she deleted them, or something deleted them for her.

She hadn't woken up yet. Mia did once, but she could barely speak. They are both weak. I made Kate some soup, and put it on a TV tray near the side of her bed. I'll probably heat it up so it's warm when she wakes up...

I thought they were dead.

Jon and Robert are trying to find out what bit Mia. The bite marks are too far apart to be a human's, so we think it might be some sort of animal. I told them I'd be sleeping in the girls' room tonight. I don't want them to get hurt again.



  1. She was in the water? Any idea whether this might be a modus operandi of the Worry? They found Sandra in a river, as well, washed up on the bank, when the Worry took her. Watch out you all, this could be more than just the Problem and his Symptoms. The Worry might be in your neighborhood.

  2. The Worry? Is that some kind of Slenderman clone? Like //it//?

    She was in a pond, under the water. We don't know how long she was under, but she was missing for about an hour. Maybe longer. Before she went missing, Jon told me he heard Mia scream, and found her lying on the ground with teeth marks in her side.

    He looked for Kate, but couldn't find her, so we all went out looking while Jeffery was at home with Mia. Then we found her and pulled her out.

    I talked with Danielle via Kate's phone, and she said she was having some kind of time lapse issue. That scares me.

    Kate got received another message. Her proxy friend thinks she might have been in the Labyrinth.