Monday, May 9, 2011


Brant...Brant. I cry just thinking about his name. It's my fault it happened. If I hadn't been so weak and unstable, it never would've happened. Brant...Brant, Brant, Brant. He never would have gone missing in the first place if I never went back to that forest. Never dragged Mia in there with me, and never got her killed. Dear Mia. Poor Mia. I miss you like hell, Mia, and I hope you can hear me when I talk to you at night.
No, we never really got to give her a proper burial. But over these past months...I've never posted in a while, have I? If anyone even checks our blog anymore...It doesn't matter. It's like my journal now, I guess. Anyway...I only updated because there's nothing left to do. Nothing to fight for anymore...But Jon insists that we continue. He also wants to forget about the Slender Man, and the proxies, but with the constant "visitors" and XX arriving at our door at two in the morning, that's easier said than done.
If anyone IS reading this, you'd probably be wondering what even went on...who's XX? What happened to...Mia...and Brant...It'll be hard for me to tell you, but what the hell? Slender doesn't give a shit since Danielle stopped caring about me, and now that Mia's dead and Brant is gone...We have nothing left to pester him about. I'm pretty sure Brant has been executed by now, anyway...
And you're also most likely wondering...where did Rob go? And what about his dad?

After we left the hospital, Rob still stabilized and in good hands, we went out for ice cream, then back home. Nothing unusual. Jon wanted to cheer me up since I was feeling a little sick...We were all wondering about what Rob had said. "My dad." What was it supposed to mean, anyway?
I'll skip a few unnecessary parts, and get to what I really have to say. XX was a corrupted Proxy that was...once...Robert's father. He wanted to overthrow Slender's state of..."leadership" and take over as..."boss". Of course, we wanted no part in his little shitty scheme, but he insisted.
Again, another time skip. Brant went missing. Can't remember when exactly, but it was some five weeks later, after we met XX. I never heard anything else about Rob from Jon or Mia000000000


  1. Danielle has been out of direct contact with me for a while. I don't know if she's even in a stable condition. I come here hoping you guys had some good news regarding her condition, and I find this.
    Just brilliant.
    The Danielle part could be either good or bad. Either she's trying to protect you, or she's given in entirely. In the first case, there's hope that things could get better. In the second, she's lost.
    Slender's been more aggressive on my turf as well. He nearly got a friend of mine. One that never even heard of Him. I showed up just in time, bitch-slapped a proxy, and got a glare from Him. I told Him to fuck off (exact words, but in a more "scared shitless, but still completely serious" tone), and He listened. She was out, so I managed to make it look like something fell and knocked her out, and she scratched herself from the fall.
    Anyway, that's enough from me for now. Write more often. A former friend of a friend is an ally in my book, especially when we're both going against the same fucker.

  2. Damn, another glitch. My post wasn't finished...sorry.
    Steve, she's perfectly fine. I know that much...she hates me now. But you don't need to worry about her condition.
    I can't exactly explain why she hates me...Well, I can, but I hate thinking about it. She's become more devoted. She's still a proxy, of she thinks of him like he's God, and does everything to serve him. But I still hate him, and I always will. I got in her way. Up to the point...that we had to fight.

    I'll make another post to explain what happened better...but it's a long story.