Friday, February 11, 2011

The Labyrinth

So, we're assuming what I saw was the Labyrinth. We can't prove this, but it's kind of obvious...
All the other Labyrinth stories are seeing something terrifying, but mine wasn't that bad...I was scared I guess, but it wasn't guts all over the floor and dead people all around.
So, I guess I'll start from the beginning.

I don't remember anything before waking up by the pond. All I remembered was hearing Mia scream, but even when I opened my eyes, I didn't really think about that. I saw Brant in the distance, so I ran to him.
He hugged me, and I thought it was really him. We danced. We danced until it was dark out and our muscles were sore. Then we fell asleep.
The "next morning" I woke up, and Brant wasn't there. So I waited. The whole day I picked at the bark on the trees and traced pictures in the damp soil. The odd thing is, I didn't feel hungry or thirsty. At all.
I woke up again what I thought was a day later, and after about three more hours of waiting, I texted Danielle. The moment I realized something was wrong was when she told me I'd only woken up an hour ago. An hour. I didn't freak out, but I was scared.
Something wasn't right. Someone was there. Brant. He stood I-don't-know-how-many-yards away, but when I called to him, he didn't come. He pushed against the air like there was a wall or something blocking him. So I went to walk to him, and I banged into something. There it was! An invisible wall! And we got further and further apart, like he was being stretched away from me. I cried, silently.
Then I felt hands. Hands all over me, touching my face and grabbing my arms and legs. I couldn't breath. I started coughing. Then, I woke up. It was a day later, and I had warm soup by my bed.
Mia was next to me in her own bed, and there was a long bandage wrapped around her hip. It looked red, like blood was soaking through.
They told me what happened. Brant slept all night at my bed. I cried when I saw him, but I felt a lot better.

Today was okay. I'm not sick or anything, but I have a slightly stuffy nose. Probably from being in the water when it's winter...
I'm still very confused, and very very bored. All I've been doing is sitting around watching SNL and making sure Mia doesn't die in her sleep. The only exciting thing that happened was when I had to break into Rob's house because they locked me out.
I went to get a soda from a convenient store not even a block away, and they left without warning me. They went back to the park to see what bit Mia, but they obviously didn't find anything. Meanwhile, I'm climbing over the mini-roof or whatever you call it and falling through the window. Then I spend the rest of the day sitting around watching Hugh Laurie and his sexy accent.

So, hopefully something will happen soon. As long as no one gets hurt, I'm up for a little action.
I'm probably going to regret saying that...


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